About Ripple Talks Speakers Bureau

Ripple Talks is a speakers bureau dedicated to helping your organization succeed by bringing you award-winning speakers with unique perspectives on critical issues and topics.

For Companies

Ripple Talks allows companies to provide educational opportunities for their employees that challenge them and transcend their specific workplace roles — keeping them engaged and intellectually stimulated.

Our talks represent essential workplace skills and values such as grit, inclusion and leadership; boost engagement and morale; and help to attract and retain millennial talent.

For Universities, Non-Profits, Conferences, and Beyond

Many of our speakers have won or been nominated for prestigious awards for excellence in their field, are engaging orators, and are sure to advance any conversation forward with a unique and compelling perspective, and attract large crowds.

Founding Story

Ripple Talks Speakers Bureau was founded in 2016 in New York City. Its founder, Sam Ewenczyk, is passionate about exposing people to new perspectives from a wide-array of fields of thought in order to foster meaningful exchanges between people in the workplace, at school, or any other forum.

Sam Ewenczyk, a dual citizen of the US and France, attended Brown University where he majored in Modern Culture and Media and graduated with Honors. His thesis won him the department's award for outstanding work. Prior to founding Ripple Talks, he worked in technology at Amplify Education and Grubhub as a technical product manager. Sam was born and raised in France, and spent his teenage years in Indonesia and Thailand before moving to the US for college.