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Discover new perspectives
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Discover new perspectives
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Discover new perspectives
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Ripple Talks is a speakers bureau dedicated to helping your organization succeed by bringing you award-winning speakers with unique perspectives on critical issues and topics.

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Ripple Talks brought an amazing speaker to our company, everyone loved it. Presidential expert David O’Connell helped us understand the realities of presidential power using data, so it was unbiased. The talk was very well organized and the Q&A was great. I highly recommend. Thanks for the great event!

Conor Carlucci, Director of business and corporate development, amplify

Ripple Talks is a true breath of fresh air. I love that it allows us come together around really important issues and discuss them with an expert. The workplace isn’t just about work. It’s also about community and personal growth

Mruga Shah, Test engineer, amplify

Absolutely amazing — time stopped while Jere Van Dyk was talking.

Sarah Helmbrecht, Office manager, Fluent

As a former soldier, it was great to hear a similar perspective in a civilian workspace.

HR Manager, LearnVest

Great to get 'non-tech' speakers at times

ravi devineni, Engineering manager, LearnVest

Very insightful and helpful.

Engineer, fluent co

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We serve corporations, non-profits, universities, conferences and beyond.

For Companies

Ripple Talks allows companies to provide educational opportunities for their employees that challenge them and transcend their specific workplace roles — keeping them engaged and intellectually stimulated.

Our talks represent essential workplace skills and values such as grit, inclusion and leadership; boost engagement and morale; and help to attract and retain millennial talent.

For Universities, Non-Profits, Conferences, and Beyond

Many of our speakers have won or been nominated for prestigious awards for excellence in their field, are engaging orators, and are sure to advance any conversation forward with a unique and compelling perspective, and attract large crowds.


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April 6, 2018
A data-driven understanding of the presidency
People want an objective understanding of government, and we are providing it.
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April 16, 2018
Speech For Equality
An extraordinary learning experience that spans the legal, cultural, historical and social realms with the goal of promoting fundamental equality for all.
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