David O'Connell

Presidential Expert

David O'Connell is an award-winning professor of Political Science whose major research interest is the American presidency.

Expert in:

Data Analysis



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David O’Connell is an assistant professor of political science at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. His major research interests are the American presidency and the role of religion in American politics.

David O’Connell's first book, God Wills It: Presidents and the Political Use of Religion, reveals the hidden strategy behind presidential religious speech and asks whether such language is influential.

David O’Connell is an active media commentator on American politics, having appeared on C-SPAN and all the major television stations in Pennsylvania, and has been frequently cited by print outlets ranging from CNN to The Christian Science Monitor.

O’Connell’s research and writings have been published in academic journals including Presidential Studies Quarterly and Political Science Quarterly.

In 2018, David O’Connell won the college's most prestigious award for excellence in teaching. 

David O’Connell received his M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. in political science from Columbia University, and holds a B.A. in political science and economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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