An End-to-End Solution

End-to-End Solution
Cost-Effective Solution
Award-Winning Speakers
Live Streaming 

Our job is to find great speakers who are affordable. With Ripple Talks, all you need to do is pick the speakers from our carefully selected roster and select a date.

Ripple Talks' end-to-end solution includes:

  1. Extensively vetting speakers to ensure they are true authorities on a subject, and are engaging
  2. Determining the best topic possible for each speaker
  3. Helping speakers craft their talks with our expert knowledge of what content will best engage, challenge and inspire your team
  4. Negotiating affordable fees
  5. Handling all logistics (e.g. travel, accommodations)
  6. Providing internal marketing creative to maximize employee attendance
  7. Administering event surveys and analyzing results
  8. Video recording the event and providing you with a professionally edited version for replays
  9. Live streaming the event in High Definition for remote attendees via a secure portal.
    Remote attendees can participate in the discussion by posting their questions in the portal (see image below)
  10. Photography during the event for your use in newsletters and marketing materials

Your Private HD Livestream Portal

Viewers can submit their questions live and submit feedback with great ease.